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  • A refund can be requested within 14 days of your recurring purchase if:

    1. You have not read VIP content whatsoever.
    2. You have only read VIP content for under 1 day (calculated as 24 hours from the start of usage not purchase).

    However, refunds are not available if:

    1. You have read the same series to the end within 1 day (calculated as 24 hours from the start of usage)​.
    2. You have read VIP content for longer than 1 day (calculated as 24 hours from the start of usage)​ with the VIP membership you purchased.
  • There are various reasons as to why a transaction was declined.

    We currently have 3 payment methods available by different merchants.

    Please try any of them to see if the payment goes through.
    If that doesn't work, we recommend contacting your card issuing bank/company before making a purchase again.

    For other queries, please contact our 1:1 Customer Service team.

    We will gladly assist you.
  • Please note that our VIP Memberships can only accept credit cards.
    However, if you do not have a credit card, other payment methods that we have available can be found on the VIP Payments page.
    Please click on any VIP Membership and then click on "Click here for another payment method"
    and that will take you to a page where we have other payment methods.

    If the payment methods on our site are not suitable, we recommend that you try to purchase a VIP Membership
    through our Toomics app that is available on the Google Play Store and
    the Apple App Store as they offer a wider variety of payment methods than us currently.
  • Our Toomics services for Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, English and other languages are all different.

    The content we publish is the same, however, the services we provide are different.
    Therefore, a VIP membership bought on one language site, will not work on
    other language sites.

    For example, if you wish to read Toomics' English comics, you must make the purchase on the English site.
    If you wish to read Toomics' Chinese or Taiwanese comic, you must make the purchase on the
    Chinese or Taiwanese sites.
  • For unlimited access to all of our webtoons, you can sign up for our VIP Membership.

    On the upper right part of the screen (PC), upper left (mobile) there is a red button [VIP Membership].
    By clicking that you will be able to view the details and plan options regarding our VIP Membership.

    Our VIP Membership is as low as $8.99/month and will automatically renew until you choose to cancel your membership.
    By subscribing to Toomics' VIP Membership you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

    Please be aware that if your card does not have the sufficient amount to pay for the subscription or your card usage has been restricted
    from your card issuing bank, your VIP Membership will automatically be canceled.

    If you wish to subscribe to our VIP Membership after it was canceled, you will have to purchase it again.