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We are excited to introduce you to our new TOOMICS STORE!

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Hello Toomics Readers!


We are excited to introduce you to our new TOOMICS STORE!

Our new TOOMICS STORE system offers exclusive content across well-known platforms that can only be purchased with Coins. These comics are premium offerings provided through a special collaboration of content being serviced under an exclusive contract on other platforms, and therefore, are not available through the standard VIP Subscription.


Please note that as a VIP Member, you will still have unlimited access to all VIP-exclusive content.

Furthermore, as a valued VIP Member, you will receive 10 free Gift Coins each month. These Coins are valid for one month and will expire if not used within that period. Unfortunately, they cannot be carried over to the following month, so we encourage you to use them promptly.


*Regular users without a VIP Member status will not be able to receive any Gift Coins*


Please note that even though the TOOMICS STORE is only available in English at the moment, we plan to launch this service in other languages! This process may take some time but we will strive to provide our users with the best exclusive content in the languages available on our platform.


Moreover, we are steadily working on a new system to reward our loyal users and enhance their reading experience at Toomics.

We are planning to extend our TOOMICS STORE Content and offer periodic discounts and special promotions in the future. Keep an eye on our updates and announcements so you don’t miss any opportunities to get more value from your Coin purchases.


Happy reading!


The Toomics Global Team