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Notice of Revision to the Terms of Use (20201111)

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Hello. Please be informed that the following terms and conditions have been revised as followed.

Scope of Terms and Conditions Revision

- Terms of Use

Effective date of Revised Terms and Conditions

​- 21 / 11 / 2020 

Terms and Conditions Revision Details

Current Terms and Conditions 




- ​Revised Terms and Conditions

(Addition) Purchasing Coins


1. A user may obtain coins by paying the price determined by us. The purchase method of coins, purchasing unit, currency, payment method, etc are made available on the website.

2. Coins are valid until 5 years from the date of purchase. Coins can only be used within the expiration date and any remaining coins will expire after the expiration date. No refund is possible for coins that have expired.

3. The coin purchase method and prices are subject to change.

4. Coins purchased or received by a user do not generate any profit from interest.

5. When purchasing coins, the user can choose the method of payment from the options provided by us.

6. Due to changes in the exchange rate, the actual amount charged to the user may differ from the amount the user expects to pay to us at the time of purchase.

7. Purchased coins will be credited to the user's account that made the purchase.


(Addition) Linked accounts and Use


1. Email or SNS accounts can be linked to only one device account at a time.

2. You can use the coins you have in your APP or WEB account on other devices through linked accounts. However, coins purchased on the APP will be deducted first on the APP and the coins purchased on the WEB will be deducted first on the WEB.

3. Through linked accounts, you cannot combine coins purchased on the Web and on the APP to make your payment for paid contents.

4. Content can be viewed on other devices through linked accounts. However, if the linked account is terminated, the right to use is no longer available.


(Addition) Bonus Coins and Use


1. We can give bonus coins to users free of charge or based on purchased coins through events, etc.

2. Bonus coins are non-refundable.

3. Bonus coins are deducted prior to Regular Coins that have been purchased and this applies to similar types of bonus coins. Bonus coins with a faster acquisition period are deducted first.

4. If bonus coins stored on the APP or WEB are used on other devices through linked accounts, the bonus coins and regular coins held by the account will be deducted first and then deducted in the following order: bonus coins stored in linked account and then regular coins stored in the linked account.

5. We may limit or change how bonus coins can be used. Specific information regarding updates will be published within TOOMICS.


The modified version of these Terms and Conditions shall become effective as of 21 / 11 / 2020


 We hope to continue to provide you with the best service. Thank you.